What makes you stand out as leader? 

In today’s high tech and global economy, mastering your craft isn’t enough to guarantee your success. 

There is something more you need to do to stand out, to shine & rise above your competition. To radiate a presence that gets the attention of your audience and compels them to lean in.  

If you're ready to rise above the crowd, then grab your free copy of my latest ebook: 

"Tapping IntoYour Power & Presence” + Your Guided Relaxation MP3 Recording 

It gives you valuable information and tips on how to tap into your confidence, intuition and expertise more fully to command the room and influence others more effectively. 

You'll also receive, my guided relaxation MP3 recording to further assist you in amplfying your confidence and self esteem in all situations.

This Rapid Transformational Breakthrough hypnotherapy recording will enable you to relax and help you create a more positive mindful dialogue with yourself as you listen to it each day.  

I hope you enjoy them!  

To Your Success~ Michele Molitor, CPCC, PCC, RTT

Your Exective Confidence Coach & Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist

PS. When you’re ready to get unstuck from those limiting beliefs, bad habits or fears that are holding you back from reaching your full potential, then let's schedule your complimentary strategy session so you can see how you can eliminate those blocks and move forward with less stress, and greater peace, joy and satisfaction.


“Thank you again for our amazing session, I’ve been listening to the recording as I go to sleep at night for the last 2 weeks after our session and noticed I was waking up feeling more confident and less stressed about almost everything.  

With regards to my confidence, I feel it is a bit more deeply rooted in my brain and less shaken by events throughout the day. I really don’t sweat the small stuff anymore! This is a great feeling as I begin to shake the need to be highly strung with overly high expectations of everyone and everything.  

Thank you again for helping me re-wire my brain and get over the insecurities and personal feelings of failure and shortcomings. I look forward to working with you again in the future!” 

Renee Ventaloro -- Founder & CEO, Pro Help Australia


"I'm just stunned at how skilled Michele is at hypnotherapy. Other so-called professionals have tried to hypnotize me but to no avail. So I was skeptical about whether Michele would be able to succeed when others couldn't. But in the very first session, she quickly put me in a deep and relaxing hypnotic sleep. 

I awoke and instantly began to feel transformed. Thanks to that one, incredible session, I have been easily able to conquer all the mindset issues that I told Michele were holding me back. 

Michele, you are both an amazing person and a powerfully brilliant coach!" #truebeliever  

Linton Johnson -- Chief Strategist, Office of External Affairs, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District

 Increase Your Confidence Enhance Your Success

Michele Molitor, CPCC, PCC, RTT

#RapidRewire #SomedayStartsNow

“My session with Michele was really wonderful. I came away with a feeling of calm and lightness. 

I’ve noticed I am standing up for myself more fully and my fears are no longer running me. I am listening to the replay nightly and look forward to additional results.”  

Jane Tabachnick -- CEO, Jane Tabachnick.com  


"During and immediately after our session, I felt like a profound shift had occurred at a cellular level. I felt a deep, quiet confidence that is still with me.  

Since our session, I've been listening to my custom recording everyday for 21 days, curious to see what other effects it would have.  

Yesterday was day 21. Today I woke up with zero digestive upset, and we had our biggest meeting with a prospect so far. It went great and my body was totally on board. The fear responses are GONE. Thank you!!"  

Johanna Lyman -- Co-Founder, Lead Like a C.O.A.C.H.


“Michele is an excellent coach. She coached me through the process of retiring from my 31-year career in Corporate America position to my current career as a Network Marketing Professional.  

Her insights have been invaluable in my transition. I highly recommend Michele. She is worth more than her weight in gold!”  

Beth Joy Borris -- Franchise Owner/Wellness Coach at The Juice Plus Company 


"Michele's leadership coaching sessions were highly invaluable! 

Stressing positive leadership and motivation, Michele presented a variety of strategies which helped me to motivate and inspire my employees to work to their full potential. All of which helped decrease my stress and increased my confidence as a leader." 

~ Elaine Rocha – Costco General Manager 

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